Commission a Portrait of YOUR Pet

Our pets play an important role in all of our lives - providing comfort, protection, emotional support and unconditional love. As a contemporary pet portrait artist, I have been commissioned to paint an array of animals including cows, horses, dogs, cats, sheep and goats. What better way to celebrate a beloved pet’s life than to immortalize them forever on canvas!

Pet Portrait Pricing - Includes shipping/delivery

          5×5 – $95       10×10 – $200     16×20 – $425     24×30 – $750

          5×7 – $125     12×12 – $250     18×24 – $500     30×30 – $875

          8×8 – $150     11×14 – $250      24×24 – $625     30×40 – $1000

The above prices are for popular sized paintings depicting a single subject. If you have special requirements for your painting, such as specific color requests, backgrounds, larger sized canvas, multiple subjects, etc. please feel free to contact me via email. My preference is to paint images on exceptionally large canvases so that the animal is depicted life size. If you are interested in a larger scale painting please email me for prices.

Paintings are achieved using photographic references. Please be sure that the photos you provide depict your pet’s characteristics and provide the greatest detail. Multiple images are appreciated. When you email photos please also include five (5) words that best describe your pet. These words will help to capture your pet’s true essence in each portrait. Please also provide your pet's breed and name.

Contact me if you need to send images via snail-mail.

Portraits are begun after a 50% deposit is received - with balance due before painting is shipped/delivered. Turn around time is 6 weeks. Please contact me for payment information.

Please note that all U.S. shipping costs are included in the purchase price of each piece. If you need a painting shipped internationally then please contact me for pricing.


Thank you for your interest!

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